How it Works

Getting Started

Once you contact me, we will set up an appointment to meet for a free consultation. We will discuss your diet, what you are looking for as far as diet, natural food preferences, portioning, and your budget. We will make a date for me to start and I will arrive with all the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare your meals.

I make the food, package it up as you desire (in large portions or individually), label it and leave your kitchen as I found it. You won’t even know I’ve been there until you open your refrigerator.


Most of my clients I visit every other week, getting 2-3 entrees with sides, 4-6 portions each and a hearty soup or salad. They freeze some of the food and spread it out over the two week period. I can come to cook for you every week, once a month, or whatever you need. If you need adjustments of any kind, I am ready to work with you.


I charge $60 an hour, with a minimum of 4 hours. I charge for my time, including shopping (usually a half hour) and cooking. A typical visit of 4.5-5 hours would be between $320- $400, depending on food prepared and cost of ingredients. This would provide 15-18 meals depending on portions. I send you my bill with a copy of the receipt and I accept payments through Venmo, which is really easy to use.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Let’s talk food!